Welcome to my website!!

I am a Social Anthropologist and an Indonesian & Southeast Asian Studies specialist who turned to Organization and Management Studies in 2010. 

My research focusses on human interaction (the dynamics between IMG_1884agency and structure in its broadest sense) and my theorising is social theory driven. My interpretive ethnographic approach sees organizational actors as knowledgeable agents embedded in historical and institutional settings. Organizations are viewed in terms of life-worlds comprising of everyday practices and processes of managing, organising, sense making and meaning making. I am in particular intrigued by the complexities and dynamics of ‘how things work’ as well as by studying the relationship between organizations and the external environment.


My teaching and learning philosophy, based on some fifteen years of national/international higher education experience, consists of creating curiosity and an interest in ‘how’ questions among students. I consider it important to create an international and reflexive learning environment for students in which there is room to constructively examine theory and practice (and our own values and biases) and explore cultural diversity as an asset in for instance teamwork. I try to engage students (whether adult learners, experienced practice MBA students or undergraduates) in scholarly debates on the topic under investigation by connect the themes of lectures to on-going developments in the world of business and management.