PhD Supervision


  • Human Rights in Business (PhD – S. Goethals, HSS, Oxford Brookes University 2016)
  • Local and Expatriate Hotel Management in Indonesia (PhD – R. Situmorang, Oxford Brookes University 2016).
  • Coaching, Well-being and Organizational Culture: The Royal Mail, UK (DCM – S. Davis, Oxford Brookes Business School, 2016).
  • Ethnic Chinese Entrepreneurship in Cambodia (PhD – M.Verver, VU University Amsterdam, 2016).
  • The Impact of Coaching on Post-merger Staff Integration: A Comparative Case Study (DCM – M. Rafique, Oxford Brookes Business School, 2015).
  • Breaking Glass: An exploration of women’s experience of executive coaching and mentoring (DCM – P. DeValle, Oxford Brookes Business School, 2015).
  • The Jewish Diaspora in Southeast Asia. Ethnic and Religious Identification of the Jewish Businesses in Singapore and the Straits (PhD – T. Kamsma; VU University Amsterdam, 2010).
  • The Small and Medium Sized Tourist Industry in Yogyakarta, From Crisis to Crisis (PhD – T. Susilowati; VU University Amsterdam, 2010).
  • In Pursuit of Comfort, The Transnationalisation Process of Malaysian Chinese Small and Medium Enterprises (PhD – E. Zwart; VU University Amsterdam, 2007).

On-going as Director of Studies

  • Female Leadership in Zambia (DCM – A. Kleinert, Oxford Brookes Business School)
  • Coaching and expatriation (DCM – N. Streatfield, Oxford Brookes Business School).
  • Responsible business among small organizations in the UK (PhD – S. Ward, Oxford Brookes Business School)
  • Internationalization of small businesses (UK-India) (PhD – F. Young, Oxford Brookes Business School)
  • Family Firm Sustainability in the Batik Industry, Indonesia (PhD – L. Kristianiwati, Oxford Brookes Business School)
  • Second-generational Turkish Entrepreneurs in the Netherlands (PhD – N. Ibrahim, Oxford Brookes Business School)
  • Business Ethics in Family Firms in the Philippines (J. Kandola – PhD Oxford Brookes Business School)

On-going as Supervisor

  • Building Trust with Local Communities in Social Entrepreneurship: A Cross-Cultural Exploration (PhD – L. Dou, Oxford Brookes University)
  • Sustainable Developmental Change Leaders: a complex adaptive systems approach (PhD – A. Maxwell, Oxford Brookes University)