Conference presentations



In the course of my academic career, I have participated in numerous conferences: gave talks, convened panels, commented on papers and chaired debates. On this  page you’ll find an overview of past and upcoming events in which I participate.



  • Making collages as a methodology. PaCCS maritime crime project, Focus Group, March 1 & 2, Jakarta Indonesia


  • Constructing a Spiritual Research Method in Management and Organisation Research: the case of the Quakers. Conference for the International Association of Management, Spirituality and Religion (paper presented by Nicolas Burton, Northumbria University). University of Arkansas.2016
  • No Time for Silence; Narratives of Sustainability. 12th International Conference on Organizational Discourse; VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands. July


  • Lost in Space while Locating the Field. Organisational Ethnography in and for Entrepreneurship Research. APROS/EGOS 2015: Organizational Ethnography and the Challenges of Social Space. UTS Business School, University of Technology Sydney, Australia. December
  • Moral Economy? Identity-work in Pentecostal-charismatic organizations in Indonesia. IISMM, Institute for the Study of Islam and Muslim Societies, part of the EHESS Paris, June


  • Sustainism: Sustainable Experiences as Faith? (with Can Seng Ooi) International Research Collaboration Conference, Oxford Brookes University, Faculty of Business, Oxford. June


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Ethnography and Embodiment. Sub-theme 15 (SWG) Organizational Ethnography. 29th EGOS Colloquium. HEC, Universite de Montreal, Canada. July


  • Charismatic Christianity and Identity Formation in Southeast Asia. Panel Religious Revivals in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia Studies Symposium, University of Oxford, UK. March


  • Awkward Moments and Ethnography. Paper Symposium: Reflexivity and Crafting Research Narratives. Academy of Management, Boston, USA. August
  • Beyond the Boundaries of Business? Social Anthropology and the Study of Small Businesses; Sub-theme 32: Organizational Anthropology: Culture and Context. 28th EGOS Colloquium, Aalto University & Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland. July
  • Closeness and Distance, Body and Emotions: Participating, Observing Organisational Life in Pentecostal-charismatic Communities. Qualitative Research in Management and Organization Conference on Embodiment, Imagination, and Meaning, University of New Mexico, USA. April


  • Ethnic Chinese Entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia: Questions of Generations, Ethnic Identity and the Rise of China. Joint Burgundy Business School & OBU Conference, Dijon, France. May
  • Business and Religious Networks. Conference on Religion and Economy in a Global World, 31st International Society for the Study of Religion, Aix-en-Provence, France. June


  • Awkward Ethnographic Encounters: Reflexivity and its Discomforts. 26th EGOS Colloquium; Sub-theme 11: Organizational Ethnography: Assessing its Impact. Lisbon, Portugal. July


  • Inclusion and Exclusion: Religious Experiences of ‘Born Again’ Chinese Indonesian Entrepreneurs. 6th International Convention of Asian Scholars (ICAS6), Daejeon, Korea.
  • Awkward Ethnographic Encounters: Reflexivity and its Discomforts. 4th Annual Ethnography Symposium, University of Liverpool, UK.




Gifts of the Spirit? Chinese Indonesians, the State, and Pentecostal-charismatic Christianity. Asia Research Institute, National University Singapore, Singapore.




Proud to be Chinese? A Transforming China and Chinese Indonesians. International conference on Implications of a Transforming China: Domestic, Regional and Global Impacts. Institute of China Studies, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.